Noah Michael Champion
Born 2/8/2008 - 9 lbs 2 oz - 21 inches

1:15 pm 2/11/08
We're getting ready to leave the hospital. Noah got his official Hospital Online Nursery picture taken today! Its a cute one! Luke & Molly are excited for him to come home. They really wanted to come to the hospital today, but they needed to take a nap. By the time they get done with their nap, we'll be home anyway. Jamie says she's ready to go home, but not so thrilled about going out in the cold.

8:30 pm 2/10/08
The big kids went to church with G & G Champion, and then had Lunch with them. I (Tim) went to pick them up and bring them back home for a while. This afternoon we all went to see Noah & Jamie who are still at the hospital.

Noah is a real hit with the big kids. I nelt down with Noah, and they both talked to him and touched him a lot. It was really cute. Noah is eating very well, and really likes to be held. He may be spoiled. :) Jamie is wearing "real" clothes, and has been up and walking around quite a bit. This afternoon, she moved wrong somehow, and hurts a little bit near her incision. We should be checking out of the hospital tomorrow.

10:45 am 2/10/08
Noah is still doing great, but has lost a little weight, but as I'm sure you know, that's pretty normal. He's 8 lbs 9 oz. While he's nursing well, we gave him a little forumula so hopefully he'll be able to take a bottle from me (Tim) every once in a while so Jamie can have breaks. :)

In other news, Noah has passed his hearing test with flying colors. We have a few visitors, and will take more visitors if anybody's willing to brave the bitter cold. We're starting to miss the big kids, and I (Tim) think I'll try and spend some time with them this afternoon. Thanks again to Grandma & Grandpa Champion for watching the kids!

5:15 pm 2/9/08
Finally got a picture taken with Noah's eyes open

1:30 pm 2/9/08
Sleepy Noah.

Maybe I'll catch him with his eyes open soon, if I get a pic of that, I'll post it right away.

1:00 pm 2/9/08
Sorry no updates until now. Its been a busy day. Grandma & Grandpa Champion brought in Luke and Molly to see their baby brother! Molly got to kiss his toes, which she's been talking about doing for a long time :) Luke was very interested and said he was "wiggly". They looked very cute in their big brother & big sister shirts made by Grandma Champion!

Noah has had a good morning, he cuddled with Grandma & Grandpa, slept on mom for quite a while. He's healthy & strong, and currently sleeping on Mom again.

8:30 am 2/9/08
We made it through the night, and got a little sleep. Noah is a big strong 9-hour old, who's in size 1 diapers (as opposed to newborn). He's eating very well, and big brother & sister will be coming over soon.

2:00 am 2/9/08
Room Number Update: Methodist Rm# 642
Since we had to go the c-section route, they made us move out of our birthing suite, and into a tiny c-section room :(

Yes, we're still up. Noah had his first meal, first bath, and I think that wore him out. He's sleeping now, and is going to make a trip to the nursery to give Mom & Dad some time to sleep. Dad won't be doing much sleeping unless they bring the cot soon. :) Jamie got some pain meds, and she fell asleep pretty quick.

Its been a really long day. I can't wait for Luke & Molly to see their new little brother tomorrow.

12:30 am 2/9/08
Here's a pic for everyone:

12:15 am 2/9/08
Introducing Noah Michael Champion
Born 11:05pm 2/8/2008
9 lbs 2 oz - 21 inches

Mom and baby are doing great! I'll get some pictures up soon.

10:40 pm 2/8/08
Well, the verdict is in. We are going to go for a c-section. More after that!

10:15pm 2/8/08
Sleepy Jamie

9:45pm 2/8/08
So right after I got that last post out, they came and talked to us about our progess, or lack thereof. Pretty much, they're going to give us until 10:30 to make significant progress, and if we don't, there will very likely be a c-section soon.

9:30pm 2/8/08
They got a few more monitors hooked up, and we also got another doctor. Dr Huegh was so busy today, they called in another doc. So, now we have Dr. Shaw, who delivered Molly. She's very friendly, and spends lots of time talking with us, which is very nice. Jamie is trying to get a little sleep so when it comes time to push, she will hopefully have some good strength. (did I mention that we like epidurals here?). Other than that, not much else to report. It looks like its going to be a late night. I sure hope Luke & Molly are sleeping at G&G Champion's house!

8:15 2/8/08
Not much going on.

7:50 2/8/08
Tried to put a monitor on baby's head, and the baby kept moving away. I think they're going to give up on that for a while, and maybe try again later.

7:30pm 2/8/08
The doctor broke the water. Still progressing slowly.

7:10pm 2/8/08
Our very optimistic OB nurse is off work at 7pm, and is bringing in equiptment. She seems to think that after the doctor breaks her water, she'll go fast. Here's hoping!

6:45pm 2/8/08
Dr Hoegh just stopped by and talked to us. He was going to break Jamie's water, but he has a c-section to preform (on somebody else) and he's going to wait until he's done with that in case Jamie goes fast (she probably won't).

6:00 pm 2/8/08
The epidural is working great. Jamie is able to rest, and can't feel anything. Just waiting on the Doc to come talk to us.

5:15 2/8/08
Jim & Karen (Jamie's parents) showed up right about the time the epidural was going to happen. They stepped out, and the epidural went smoothly.

4:30pm 2/8/08
They gave us a room (607 @ methodist by the way). They'll get us all hooked up. Jamie has to get a I.V. incase we have to go the c-section route. We hope not, but its just a precaution.

4:00pm 2/8/08
We're in the hospital, and dilated to 5cm on the first check. So, they're letting us stay. We're going to try and have this baby naturally.

3:00 pm 2/8/08
We called Grampa Champion to come over to watch the sleeping kids so we could go into the hospital.

4:00 am 2/8/08
Jamie started having contractions. We sayed at home & timed the contractions until we got the OK from the OB doctor to come into the hospital