This is the "Team Champion" Folding@Home page.

To participate:
1. Go to Folding@Home and download the client
2. During setup, specify team # 13457.
3. Go!

Email me if you have any questions - dave (at)

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As of 12/2009, we're ranked 939 of 170050 teams, with over 25,000 work units completed.

id name location
dchamp David Champion Des Moines, IA
tchamp Tim Champion Des Moines, IA
ISU ? Ames, IA
rengel Rob Engel  
bettism ?  
eldick Ed Dick Amanas, IA
cripple J. Barker Des Moines, IA
grchamp Greg Champion Altoona, IA
jkweld The Welds Clarion, IA